We have all thought about buying an electric shaver at some point. But is it really worth buying one of those machines? Traditional razor purists would say none of that is worth it, and nothing compares to the basics, but if you’ve been considering getting an electric razor, here are some pros and cons you’ll run into when shopping for one.

electric shavers for men's body hair

Electric Shavers for Men’s Body Hair



While with a traditional razor you need cream, or soap, to prepare and do it carefully, the electric shavers for men’s body hair are practical for any situation and you only need to run it over to take care of everything. These days most electric shavers can already be washed by rinsing them with water, but the old ones have a cleaning station, which is quite convenient. It is so comfortable that you can even shave while driving (although we do not recommend it).

You can do it with water

electric shavers for men's body hair

As we mentioned, many electric razors are already waterproof, so you can wet your beard before shaving or put shaving cream on it, which will help make the cut more comfortable.

Can save you money?

While a high-quality razor can be quite expensive (compared to razors), it’s long-lasting, its parts are replaceable, and it’s practically cheaper than buying razors in the long run. 

Electric Shaver for Men’s Grooming – The truth is that you must constantly take care of them and give them maintenance so that they do not break down and become more expensive.

Fewer cuts

While razors can cause you to accidentally cut yourself or irritate your skin if you cut poorly, an electric razor reduces those risks. These machines are more comfortable, you can shave in any “order” you want, and are better for men with sensitive skin that can become irritated.


Less effective cut

The razor does not offer a close cut as razors do. Being safer, it does not get as close to the skin and can leave a shadow of a beard. Some men say that it can be as effective as a razor, but its cuts are usually not as precise.

Do not exfoliate the skin

When we shave with a razor, it helps exfoliate the skin by removing the top layer of skin cells. When we use a machine, it is recommended to exfoliate separately to avoid skin problems such as acne, ingrown hairs, or something similar.

At first, it can irritate you

Electric razors must be used for at least three weeks to fully adapt to them. It may leave a little sore or bits of hair at first, but we have to keep using it and practicing to find the right method.

If you don’t maintain it, it’s more expensive.

If it is not washed constantly or if the parts are not changed to maintain it, it will be more expensive than continuing to buy knives.

What is better?

The greatest experts recommend shaving with “classic” razors, which only use a single razor, since they are cheap, last longer, and although it takes longer to shave with them, they leave a perfect cut and help our skin.

“Package” razors that come in multiples are often very expensive, and while they are good and effective, an electric razor may be a better option as it is cheaper in the long run.

In the end, everyone chooses the way they shave. Similarly, each face is different. But you will have to try everything to find out what works best for you.

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