It can always happen that the main threads stand out on the carpet. Hand-knotted rugs are not 100% error-free and that is exactly what gives them their unique character. If certain threads stand out, it is because they are still part of the knot. This does not mean that there is a loose knot, but rather that the thread has protruded when the knot was cut while it was being made. Therefore do not try to pull the thread, you just have to cut it and that’s it.

Our rugs are lint-free, but sometimes a new rug can have excess wool on the velvet after knotting. This wool can be easily sucked up with a central vacuum cleaner. After several times of vacuuming, the wool will be completely gone.


At the time of shipment, small but visible folds can be created in the carpet. These folds are absolutely harmless and disappear in time, usually after 3-4 weeks. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can use a steam iron on a wool surface to iron the pleats quickly and easily. You should always iron in the direction of the motifs on the carpet, follow the direction of its threads.

Carpets are exposed to a very long journey from eastern countries to their destinations. Natural carpet care products in these countries are generally unscented. Any odor from these products disappears within 2-3 weeks. Generally, rugs are odor-neutral upon delivery.


We recommend cleaning your Persian or Oriental rug regularly with the best central vacuum cleaner system, but not every day. This will remove dust and debris that makes the carpet look dull for a long time. It is not necessary to use the power of the central vacuum cleaner to the maximum to achieve results.

In general, oriental rugs are located under somewhat heavy classic furniture. The weight does not affect the carpet as long as you move the furniture a little to the right or left a couple of times a year. If you do not move the furniture to the other side a couple of times a year then the weight of the furniture can press on the velvet of the carpet and damage it (since the furniture is always in the same place). Although hand-knotted rugs are much stronger than industrially produced rugs, this does not mean that they are immune to heavy loads.

If the UV light hits certain places on the carpet directly, you only need to move the carpet to one side several times a year so that they don’t always hit the same spot. Even the strongest color cannot withstand long-term direct UV light and will bleach carpet colors if it hits the same spot. Any central vacuum cleaner for the cleaning of carpets can be washed, stained, and get repaired, but proper prevention is always better.

commercial central vacuum cleaning systems


Everyone knows that spots always appear sooner or later. In this way, the high-quality sheep wool from oriental rugs is generally easy to handle, as it contains natural fat that repels dirt to a certain extent. However, one should not hesitate and it is always recommended to remove small stains at once when they appear, this is done with a woolen cloth and with warm water. Some disinfectants or cleaning products often contain harsh surfactants that can attack wool fibers and discolor them.

For deeper and more specialized cleaning, we recommend a complete or more intensive cleaning which can be carried out by our experts. Disinfectants or cleaning products remove grease from wool and remove the natural protective mantle from the carpet. Without subsequent carpet maintenance, the carpet can lose its luster and be significantly more susceptible to dirt and damage.