A Hand Made Holiday

Now the holiday shopping season has officially started, here’s an alternative to joining the mob in chain stores or squinting at tiny pictures on the computer screens: knitted or crocheted gifts!  Knitting or crocheting gifts don’t have to take very long, or cost very much (although we do have some very yummy luxury yarn in stock if that’s what you are looking for).

A good example is this Cayuga Hat & Mitten Set by Connie Chang Chinchio (a former Ithacan who started her knitwear design career when she was a physics Ph.D. student at Cornell).  The hat and the mittens each takes less than 250 yards of knitting and around $20 to $30 of yarn (or if you feel ambitious, 500 yards and $50 will make the entire set).

There are plenty of projects like these to inspire you in our collection of knitting books, single patterns, and magazines.  Or if you have a particular project in mind, come browse our yarn cubbies! These knitted and crocheted gifts are affordable and will bring hours of joy to you, and memorable for years to come to the recipients!