Lang Jawoll Aktion Sock Yarn

Lang is releasing 2 new colors of Lang Jawoll Aktion sock yarn each month this fall.  The first two colors have arrived:

This high quality 75% wool, 25% nylon sock yarn feels great to knit with.  These first two colors are subtle enough for good looking mens socks, too!  We will be looking forward to the new colors each month.

Charity Raffles

From Susan Mehringer, our Thursday night Guided Projects class instructor:

On August 13, 2011, I plan to swim across Cayuga Lake along with other women swimmers to benefit Hospicare and Palliative Care Services of Tompkins County, NY. Last year 300 swimmers, aged 18 – 83, swam 1.2 miles across the lake to raise over $274,000 for Hospicare.

Hospicare’s mission is to bring medical expertise and compassionate, respectful care to people and their loved ones at any stage of a life-threatening illness, and to provide information and education about advanced illness, dying, and bereavement to the entire community. More information on the event: More information on Hospicare:

I am raffling a knit lace wrap and one skein of Wollmeise to raise money for the event.  I am donating materials, my work, and postage. You will have one entry for each dollar you donate. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to Hospicare.

The deadline for entry is midnight EST on August 1, 2011. Winners will be announced on August 2.   I appreciate your support and thank you for considering this request.


One skein of 100% Wool Wollmeise

Color: your choice of Daisy, Gonzales, Edelstein, or Raku Regenbogen (all “We’re Different”)

Lace Wrap

  • Weight: 173 g
  • Size: 62” x 19” (can vary with blocking)
  • Materials: Wollmeise 100% Wool
  • Color: Brombeere

The wrap was knit in the Cocoon Lace Scarf & Wrap (AC-73) pattern written by Evelyn A. Clark, published in Fiber Trends. It is being raffled with Fiber Trends permission.

How to enter

Go to . Make a donation of at least $1 for swimmer “Susan Mehringer”. Under “Display Name” please enter your phone number and either “Yarn” or “Lace”, so I know which drawing you want to be in and have contact info. Swimmers see a list of names and amounts; rest assured that no otherinformation you enter is available to me.

How a winner will be selected

The winner will be selected by random number generator, based on the list of donations as it appears to me. Your “ticket number” will be based on where you are on the list, e.g.:

  • Jane Doe $5.00 (entries 1 through 5)
  • John Doe $1.00 (entry 6)
  • Julie Doe $10.00 (entries 7 through 16)

Sale Ends This Sunday

Don’t miss our biggest summer sale ever!  We are making room for the incoming fall yarn.  All in-stock yarn is 20% to 80% off, plus discounts on everything else in the store*.  The sale ends this Sunday, July 24.

So why suffer the 100-degree heat and humidity?  Our shop is air conditioned, full of great deals, and staffed by friendly knitters and crocheters just like you!  Treat yourself with a visit before the sale is over!

* Sale prices apply to in-store purchases only.

Monsters! (starts Aug 14)

Three 2-hour classes; $35 + tax & supplies

Pre-requisite: You must either have completed the Knitting Basics class or possess all the skills listed in the class descriptions.

"Geet" from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

Come knit a friendly monster with Michelle.  I dare you to make just one!  These adorable creatures are cuddly, full of character, and can be customized with your personal touches (Michelle likes to give them some cool dyed hair).  Only straightforward knitting skills are required.  The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger is a required text.  This class is recommended for recent graduates of Knitting Basics and advanced beginners.

"Hugo" from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

Session 1Michelle Stranges1 to 3 pm on Sunday, 8/14, 8/21, and 8/28.Cancelled

New Books!

A big box of books arrived yesterday.  There were quite a few new books as well as re-orders of sold-out books.  Between handling the additional foot traffic from our fantastic summer sale and browsing through the pages as the books came out of the boxes (they are so irresistible!), most of books are still laid out on the big table and not shelved yet.  Want to come join us?