Bump Yarn Rug Weaving (on Nov 5)

One 3-hour class; $30 + tax & supplies


Bug Yarn Rug Weaving

Weave a rug with Bump yarn! This super bulky yarn with alpaca spun around a cotton core from Autumn Mist Alpaca Farm and Fiber Mill is amazing.  The texture is deliciously soft and thick.  It comes in 100 yard bumps, enough to knit, crochet, or weave a baby soft alpaca rug!

Using a warp of strong, thin cotton (provided for the class) and weft of Bump yarn results in a colorful, soft rug. One bag of Bump yarn makes a runner about 2′ x 6′ or several smaller rugs. Bump yarn is available in different colors and results in built-in stripes.

Autumn Mist Superbulky Alpaca

In this single-session class we’ll warp the loom, start weaving, discuss shuttle options, cover joining ends, and fringe/edge choices. You’ll complete weaving the piece on your own.

Session Instructor Dates Status
Session 1 Susan Mehringer 6 to 9 pm on Wednesday, 11/5

or call 277-1164. Please read cancellation policy.

Intro to Rigid Heddle Weaving (starts Oct 25)

two 3-hour class; $35 + tax & supplies

This class is for people new to rigid heddle weaving. (You will need to bring your own rigid heddle loom.)   In the first class, we will choose individual projects (mug rugs, a scarf, place mat or table runner), select yarn, and put on the warp.  In the second class, we will begin weaving, secure the starting and ending edges, and discuss finishing the cloth.

Session Instructor Dates Status
Session 2 Susan Mehringer 9 am to Noon, Saturday, 10/25 and 11/15

or call 277-1164. Please read cancellation policy.

Double Heddle Weaving (on Oct 29)

One 3-hour classes; $30 + tax & supplies

Double Heddle Weaving 1024

Learn to warp and weave on your Schacht Flip Loom using a “double heddle set-up” (two heddles at a time). The advantages to this technique include:

  • Using finer yarn
  • Achieving a denser, more durable weave, while
  • Maintaining maximum drape!

Let Susan guide you through the process while you make a Burberry-style plaid scarf with your choice of colors in Shibui’s Cima. Class price is $30, and, as always, includes a 15% off coupon that you may use to buy your yarn.

Session Instructor Dates Status
Session 2 Susan Mehringer 6 am to 9 pm on Wednesday, 10/29

or call 277-1164. Please read cancellation policy.

Stitch Clinic 2014

Month long session of weekly 2-hour classes, $50 or $15 for one time drop in + tax and supplies

 Continental Knitting

Whatever you’re working on, bring it in for professional help when you run into a problem.  We will schedule monthly clinics on different days and at different times, so, whatever your schedule, there will be a Stitch Clinic that suits your needs!  You can sign up for a month of clinic time for $50, or drop in for one clinic for $15.

Session Instructor Dates Status
October Dawn Smith 6 to 8 pm on Friday, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, and 10/31 Just Stop In!